The EDLOS were formed in 1989 when a group of four classically trained
singers got together to explore a broad range of music and musical
styles. Since then, their musical journey has taken them from early
Gregorian chant to bluegrass and country, from Motown to Rock and Roll
to Broadway, with an impressive corpus of original arrangements and
compositions that span an extensive array of musical styles.

For the past 20 years the EDLOS have been performing continuously at
festivals and concert halls throughout North America. Their concert
appearances have taken them to almost every state in the United States.

Today, The EDLOS' performances deliver a unique blend of serious vocal
artistry; unabashed, irreverent humor (involving multiple costume
changes and sight gags), and a highly eclectic repertoire of styles and
* so who are The EDLOS? *
The EDLOS A Cappella Broadway!  CD Released

In January 2009, The EDLOS released their latest CD, A Cappella
– based on the band's latest production of the same name.
The show premiered in April 2007 and is the first show in the band's 20-
year history to consist entirely of songs never featured in any previous
EDLOS production. As far as we know, it's the first-ever revue of
Broadway tunes performed entirely without musical instruments!
the edlos
The EDLOS are Retiring
Farewell Tour Kicks Off This Summer

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The EDLOS have retired. Thanks to all our friends and loyal fans.